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Inc. GDMW is committed to providing the most valuable products and services to customers, agents and suppliers online and offline. This privacy statement is designed to show that Inc. GDMW will collect your information and how to use this information when you use this site (the site).
This privacy statement. It applies to us through the site to collect information, but does not apply to us through other means (e.g. other website or by telephone, and other methods to collect information are not applicable to information collected in any other company or third party sites, whether such sites and the site link or whether it can be accessed from the site. You should read carefully any other website's privacy statement.

Collection and use of information technology and use of information
When you visit the site, the site will automatically collect specific information about you and your request (for example your internet protocol [IP address], you requested content) and other information provided by your browser (for example browser name, referral site). We may use this information to improve the content and use of the site, and to understand your use of this site, so as to customize the content of your use. In addition, the site also uses the Cookie. For more information, see our Cookie statement.

Information provided in an interactive manner
In addition to the above technical data, you may also provide personal information on this site through various forms to query or receive Inc. GDMW activities / events, products, services, offers and general information. In each case, we will use your personal information to implement your request (for example, if you register to receive the newsletter, we will use your information to provide you with the newsletter). In addition, you can also choose to receive marketing promotional materials / communications. If you do this, we will use your personal information and site usage to customize the promotional materials / communications, and send it to you by email.
The form must answer the question (but not a problem) by a red asterisk (*) mark.
If you do not wish to receive marketing promotional materials from Inc. GDMW, please inform us in writing via the following addresses (see "contact Inc. GDMW" below).

information disclosure
Your personal information will be shared within the global Inc. GDMW companies (such as the global Inc. GDMW Affiliated Companies and subsidiaries) and revealed to the corresponding Inc. GDMW agents in the corresponding service area. We may disclose your personal information when the reply to your inquiry, the use of the implementation of the site or the service provider on behalf of the Inc. GDMW processing information. In any case, personal information will only be disclosed to persons who need to obtain this information for reasonable business reasons. In addition to the above, we will be in accordance with the requirements of the law or licensing or in accordance with the relevant company policy to disclose personal information.
Inc. GDMW may also legal process (e.g. a court order or summons) requirements reveal personal information, and in involving GDMW Inc. or any of their assets in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring or other corporate transactions may transfer your personal information.

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