Ministry of Transport issued 《on further standardize road transport workers and service management related matters notice》

2015-12-28 11:43:23

Recently, in order to implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council on decentralization, optimize service, convenience and benefit of the deployment requirements, to create a good environment practitioners, Ministry of Transport Council issued the "Notice on Further Regulating the road transport workers and service management related matters . "






● regulate road transport drivers integrity assessment






       To obtain the qualifications of road transport drivers, the road transport authorities integrity assessment should be carried out during its induction practitioners. Among them, made more than two qualification and road transport pilot, integrity assessment should be carried out according to its practitioners category in the post. Road transport driver when changing practitioners category or service units, within the current scoring record of integrity assessment cycle has formed should be recognized.






● regulate road transport pilot Continuing Education






       First, in a continuing education cycle, with two or more qualification and road transport drivers, just to attend continuing education classes in the post practitioners. Education should continue to be recognized practitioners of road transport driver when changing the category or service units, the current continuing education cycle has been completed. Secondly, we have not employed in the post road transport drivers, due to the expiration of validity of qualification certificate renewal application, and should be added to complete a cycle of 24 hours of continuing education continuing education. Lastly, we should actively promote the use of the network organization and implementation of remote form of continuing education, to ease road transport staff driving school conflicts, and promote high-quality education resources equal.






● Regulatory qualification examination and document management applications received






     When (a) the application of road transport pilot qualification examination, if the applicant is less than 3 years of driving experience, "more than three years, no major traffic accidents recorded proof" that the first applicant to apply for a driver's license from the above date no major traffic accidents proven record.






     (B) Road transport pilot qualification certificate valid for 180 days because more than being written off, in the original document expired two years (including 2 years), after completing 24 hours of continuing education, apply for the appropriate category qualification examination syllabus Theoretical Examination regulations. He passed the examination, to restore its original qualification, initial licensing date subject to original documents, original documents as one exam registration application materials stored in archives.






        Among them, a driver for the road transport of dangerous goods, if their road passenger transport operator or cargo transport pilot qualification be canceled at the same time, just to participate in the road transport of dangerous goods driver qualification examination, examination, and its road passenger Transport Pilot or cargo transport pilot qualification be restored.






     (Iii) road transport employees get more qualifications, and issued by the same qualification certificate issuing authority, which qualifications should be printed in the same category of the qualification certificate, the expiration date format unification "to ×××× In ×× month ×× day. "






● positive application of road transportation administration management information system to strengthen management and service employees






       The provincial transport authorities and road transport authorities should actively accordance with the "Notice on the Ministry of Transport to carry out national road transportation administration management information system interoperability to work" in the spirit to achieve interoperability practitioners management information to facilitate the sharing of inquiry . Road transport authorities should also open their qualification certificates dimensional code search function for easy social inquiry. According to road transportation administration management information system networking, timely carry out qualification documents electronically and national interoperability work.





       Finally, the Ministry of Transport will encourage all localities to actively explore, according to practitioners of innovation management and service initiatives, sum up the work of the successful experience of the problems and difficulties of timely reporting and resolution.

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